The Bowthorpe Oak

The Bowthorpe Oak near Bourne – as part of the Love Lincolnshire Plants Project, a specimen has been taken and preserved of the Bowthorpe Oak reputed to be “the oldest oak in Britain”. It is feasible that Sir Joseph Banks himself saw the tree, indeed he may have dined within its trunk. In 1804 Sir Joseph commissioned the artist John Claude Nattes (1765-1839) to capture its magnificence in a copper engraving. If you would like to see this magnificent tree yourself, a Society visit has been organised for the evening of Monday 3rd September 2018. Normally if you visit the Tree, it is enclosed by a fence but a group visit will allow visitors inside the fence and to go up to the tree itself. There is an admission charge by Bowthorpe Park Farm and a group visit will cost £10 per head, payable in advance via the Society. For simplicity, car sharing transport can be arranged, leaving from Horncastle on the 3rd September 2018 around 5pm. If more convenient, feel free to meet us at Bowthorpe Park Farm ready for a 6.30 guided tour. Although we cannot offer extraordinary dining as Sir Joseph experienced, it is hoped members will bring a little something to imbibe around sunset time (7.45pm) together with nibbles if desired. Please email in the first instance to express interest. Numbers are strictly limited on this guided tour to reduce ground impact on the Tree so please don’t dally. Please contact: