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Sir Joseph Banks Society

October 2013 Bulletin

Sir Joseph Banks Tribute Garden
The tender plants in the garden have now been removed to “warmer climes”and will be cosseted over the winter at Scremby. Visitors can still visit the garden but it will not look as attractive as it has this summer. It has looked really beautiful. The gardeners have done an excellent job.

Sir Joseph Banks Crafters’ Guild
This new organisation has grown out of the fellowship between the many crafts people marketing in the Centre shop. There are over 30 now. To celebrate their successes and provide a special market for Christmas buying they are holding a fair on Saturday November 23rd. 2013 when their stands will overflow into the garden from 10-0 a.m. until 6-0 p.m. Mark your diary.

A good dinner
Sir Joseph liked good English spread. Patrick O’Brian in his book “Joseph Banks” quotes a guest’s description of one dinner with members of the Royal Society in a London tavern before they repaired to the meeting. Roast beef, boiled beef, mutton prepared in various ways, lots of potatoes and vegetables and many sauces in different shaped bottles were on the table. With all this there were copious gallons of strong beer followed by toasts (wine and champagne) to any and everyone. This must have ensured a lively meeting. Our Society dinner was exceedingly sober compared to this. Nevertheless it was a happy occasion without drunken revelry and Prof David Sleight gave a speech which was very much in the spirit of Banks. If Banks was around to-day much of what David hoped for Lincolnshire would be achieved.

President’s talk
Members and friends at the dinner were delighted to see the President, David Robinson, in fine fettle after several weeks feeling under the weather. He has been researching the location and description of Banks’ Revesby Abbey so we can look forward to him sharing his discoveries with us. His talk – “Joseph Banks of Revesby, life at the Abbey” in the Conoco Room at Louth Library on Tuesday, November 19th. 2013 at 7-30p.m. Bring your friends along.