Banks Centre Research Team & Library

The newly formed & enthusiastic Banks Research Team, under the guiding hand of Chairman Jean Shaftoe, have now commenced work on a new project, collating all the Land & Property Holdings Sir Joseph acquired in Lincolnshire during his lifetime.  It is anticipated an exhibition will be mounted once this ambitious project has been completed and details will be posted on the Future Events and News page of this website.

During the past year, we have been covering and cataloguing books donated by members and the general public.  We have been listing titles, authors and publishers then categorising the publications according to the criteria laid down by the Dewey System.  We now have in excess of two hundred books with more waiting to be processed.  All the volumes provide information on Sir Joseph or subjects associated with his life and achievements.

The publications we hold provide general information relating to many interesting aspects of his life but there is limited data on his role within Lincolnshire and how Lincolnshire impacted on his national and international activities.  We intend to have a section within the library dedicated to his activities in the County.

It was always the intention of the Society to use the facility for its own research and we have now embarked on our first project – land and properties in Lincolnshire .  In the coming months his holdings in the County will be collated.  We already know his estate included land in Belchford in the north through to Holbeach in the south and that he owned 268 tenanted farms to manage his acreage.

If you, or anyone you know, has information related to this subject we would like to hear from you.  Local knowledge can reveal fascinating information which is unknown to research institutions and often brings alive the facts and figures of official documents.  If this project interests you, please contact us by emailing a member of the team.

If you have any comments or questions regarding access to the library, or indeed wish to be part of this exciting research and collation of data, please contact Jean in the first instance – her direct email address is