Art at JBS

Art at the Joseph Banks Centre.

The Joseph Banks centre in Horncastle is now host to two thriving botanic art groups and hopes to attract even more artists at both beginner and more advanced level. Art and in particular botanic art has been identified by trustees as a theme that can be directly related back to Sir Joseph banks and his principal artist Sydney Parkinson (1745-1771) on the Endeavour voyage. It was Parkinson’s work that 250 years later was used to print from copper plates the now famous Florilegium, tragically Parkinson died towards the end of the voyage.

The Sir Joseph Banks Society who are based at the centre are hoping to hold a series of events over the next few months which will include art competitions for all ages and levels of ability, work will be displayed in the gallery. This work will be linked to the Lincolnshire Plants project which is in the final stages of approval by the Heritage Lottery Fund and will mean that the botanic artists will accompany botanists on field trips to record specimens in the style of Sydney Parkinson. This 3-year project will culminate in exhibitions at both county and national level, and of course more people becoming engaged in art.

How to get involved – either by expressing an interest to staff within the banks Centre shop or email